The must-have tights for spring: How to build a transitional wardrobe

The must-have tights for spring: How to build a transitional wardrobe

You made it! The chill of winter is fading away and we are officially in the spring. Time to air out those cobwebs, frolic among the flowers and step into that glorious sunshine.

Though you may think otherwise, tights are an epic style accessory to take you through the season into the summer, keeping you comfortable in this unpredictable weather while looking amazing all season long! Tights with a lower denier can help you plan towards that warm summer we’re all desperate for, but remember spring weather is completely unpredictable, so be prepared to layer up!

If you’re ready to refresh your wardrobe and have a spring clean into new styles, here are a few sure-fire ways to style up your spring, and the best tights to wear in these changing seasons

Tights - 50 Denier Tights - Hot Chocolate

Fab 50 deniers

Spring is the perfect time to start whipping out a lighter denier tight. 50 Denier tights are fantastic transitional pieces to keep in your tights drawer, striking the perfect balance between keeping you cool when it's warm but also staying cosy if it's a little chilly outside.

They’re lovely and light giving you less coverage than a higher denier, blending with your skin tone beautifully (especially if you go for a nude shade). Plus that barely-there look on the legs is super chic for a polished elegant look that you can pair with a flowy summer dress or a tailored shirt and blouse.

Sheers for Spring

If you’re feeling something even lighter, sheer tights are perfect for spring. With ‘your skin but better’ coverage, these super light and breathable tights work great in warmer temperatures and keep everything breezy. Nude sheers are particularly epic as a transitional piece for those in-between days when it's warm out but not quite warm enough for bare legs yet, giving you a lovely light amount of coverage without overheating. They also go with every outfit and are super versatile - whether you’re heading to brunch or off to the office, there's a sheer for every outfit. Pair with a spring floral dress and ballet flats for an outfit that can take you from day to night, or wear under denim shorts and white trainers for a look that screams ready for summer.

Beautiful Brights

Spring is all about colour! We’ve let go of the dreary, grey winter and the world has come alive with vibrant hues. Incorporating these colours into your wardrobe. Not only is it undeniably uplifting to have a bit of colour in your outfit (blowing away those winter blues for good) but bright colours are key to making a spring style statement. Pair them with a monochromatic outfit for a chic and sophisticated look, or mix and match them with other bright colours for a playful and eclectic vibe. Or if you’re really stuck for styling, simply pair it with wardrobe stables like a white top and denim skirt for an instant effortless look.

Pretty Patterns

Patterned tights can bring a pop of personality to your spring wardrobe and really bring out the fun spring energy with the change in seasons. Polka dots, fishnets, stripes, or even hearts make epic details to add to your spring looks. Try pairing them with a solid-coloured dress or skirt (in lovely bright colours) for a bold look that's super stylish.

Fresh Florals

I know I know… florals for spring? Ground-breaking. BUT let's all be honest, florals are absolutely timeless. Charming and full of whimsy, floral and botanical patterned tights are perfect for taking a piece of your garden with you wherever you go. Go for something subtle or make a style statement depending on the occasion. Floral patterns are super versatile - pair with style basics like a denim skirt or soli-coloured dress, or lean into a full flower power outfit and coordinate with the other floral patterns in your wardrobe - there’s a pair of floral tights for every style and occasion!

Classic 80 Deniers

If you’re not ready to embrace spring just yet, that's okay! Our 80 denier tights are great for year-round wear no matter the temperature outside. With a whole gorgeous range of bright colours and patterns, 80 Denier tights are the everyday basic you need in your hosiery drawer. Breathable but warm without being bulky, these tights are great transitional pieces you can wear with cute sun dresses, tailored skirts and blazers for the office or even under shorts if you want to keep that coverage.

Tights for Spring

No matter how you style them, tights really are an epic spring style accessory you can add as a finishing touch for so many outfits. Spring tights really are a must-have, so make sure to check out our Spring collections to find the best tights for the season.


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