The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Tights to the Office

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Tights to the Office

For many, tights are an essential part of the office wardrobe, especially when the temperatures start to drop. But knowing how to rock them properly in a professional setting is key. With countless designs and patterns out there, Snag offers a selection that's not only stylish but also office-appropriate. Read on for the ultimate guide on wearing tights to work!

Can You Wear Tights to Work?

Absolutely! Tights are a stylish option that allows you to follow office dress codes while showing off your personal flair. They come in a range of opacities, from sheers perfect for layering to opaque deniers providing full coverage. With the right pair, tights can be office-appropriate and even boardroom-ready.

When selecting tights for work, your first place to consult is your office dress code. You might need to save the fishnets and bold patterns for weekends and nights out. Go safe and opt for neutral, solid colours in darker shades like black, navy, grey, or brown. Focus on higher deniers (50 denier and above) that won't be totally see-through if you plan to wear tights on their own.

If your office follows a more conservative dress code, pair opaque tights in dark, neutral tones with skirts or dresses hitting at or below the knee. This creates something polished and professional perfect for meetings or interacting with upper management.

For more casual workplaces, have fun and express yourself through colourful printed tights or subtle patterns like polka dots, stripes, or knitted patterns.

Consult Your Office Dress Code

Before busting out your tights collection for work, consult your employee handbook or talk to HR about your office dress code. Many modern workplaces are fairly casual, but some industries (finance, law, etc.) tend to follow more formal guidelines.

Get clarity on any rules around hem lengths, necklines, sheer fabrics, patterns, and hosiery before building your work wardrobe. It’s better to be on the conservative side initially as you get a feel for the culture. You can always incorporate trendier or bolder styles once you see what the vibe is.

Ask if there are different expectations for client-facing employees who interact with external stakeholders. Make sure you have the appropriate options to dress professionally for important meetings while still expressing personal style on office days. With the right pair of tights, anything can become boardroom-ready.

Can You Wear Stockings to the Office?

Stockings can be another excellent option for office legs. We've got tights / stockings hybrids, Mock Garters. You get the comfort and coverage of hosiery with the feel of traditional stockings.

When worn with garters, full stockings have a more retro, boudoir vibe. If you love the look of stockings, find opaque options in neutral colours that provide full coverage. Look for comfort features (like with Snag stockings) like stretchy elastic top bands and reinforced toes.

How to Take Care of Your Tights

Snag tights are designed to last wash after wash. But you can help them along by taking care of them properly, so they can be part of your work wear for years. Here are our top tips for keeping hosiery in tip-top shape:

  • Hand wash using gentle laundry soap or soap flakes. Avoid hot water which can damage the stretch. If you are putting them into the washing machine, on a cool wash. Use a tights wash bag so stop them getting caught on other clothes.
  • Don't tumble dry. Roll (don't wring!) tights in a towel to remove excess moisture. Shape and lay flat to dry, avoid a direct heat source where possible to preserve the stretch and recovery.
  • Store tights folded or rolled in drawers. Folding helps hosiery keep its shape.
  • Apply moisturizer before wear to hydrate skin and prevent snags.

With some basic maintenance and TLC, a quality pair of tights can become a long-term staple in your work wardrobe.

Top 5 Snag Tights for the Office

Ready to shop for office-ready tights? Discover Snag's top tights guaranteed to complement any work ensemble while keeping you comfy and confident at your desk.

  1. 80 Denier Black Tights - Classic black, perfect coverage and warmth, while remaining cool inside. No rolling down, ladder resistant and moisture wicking.
  2. 40 Denier Diamond Tights Navy - Sheer diamonds knitted into the tights, great for some coverage but keeping you cool when the office heating is high, classic navy.
  3. SpellCast Tights - Black mixed denier vertical striped tights. Ultra wearable, designed to last and, of course, made to fit. Layered or solo for an enchanting look every time.
  4. 120 Denier Black Tights - A super opaque finish that's snuggly and warm, but still breathable. Black tights are a wardrobe staple.
  5. 50 Denier Black Tights - Sometimes you need just enough coverage, enough to look like your legs but still give you a layer. They fit, are easy to put on, robust enough to last and don't roll or fall down.

With the right pair of tights, you can nail office dress codes in style and comfort. Snag's durable, compression-fit tights are perfect for powering through your workday while looking polished and put together. Shop now to find your new workwear essentials!


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