The best coloured tights for 2023 and how to style them

The best coloured tights for 2023 and how to style them

Coloured tights are the style trend taking over this year. With bold hues as well as subtle sheers, you can wear coloured tights with absolutely any outfit in any colour. If you need a boost or what to start dopamine dressing then these are the tights for you!

How do you wear coloured tights?

Its easy to wear coloured tights, just wear them like you would wear any base layer or something on your legs. Its an easy way to incorporate tights into your daily style but just wearing them with any skirts or dresses you already have. They give you a


Navy is a great colour if you want to dip your toes into trying new colours. Still super professional and pretty, you can wear navy tights to work or just for everyday - navy goes with absolutely every colour too! Wear with a jumper dress and ankle boots in the winter, or with a bright coloured skirt (think pink or yellow) and white blouse in the warmer months


If you want something a bit more bold, pink tights are the perfect way to add colour to any outfit. Add a subtle pop to flash out from under long skirts, or rock that mini and have your gorgeous pink legs on show ready to turn heads. Try our Snag Raspberry Pie tights for a more subtle shade, or if you really want to stand out and feel all dolled up the Barbara should be your go to! Either wear with a basic dress in black or navy, or ramp up to dopamine dressing with a loud brightly coloured look, or keep in pink for something bold and joyful.

Dark Green

Dark green tights are an autumn and winter staple. They are the perfect shade to get cosy in the cooler weather, and are practically a neutral they're so subdued, but still give that interesting pop of colour with your outfit. Pair with chunky cardigans, denim skirts and knee length dresses in browns, oranges and yellows for that perfect autumn outfit, or throw on a bright pink or blue dress for the lighter months.

Bright Blue

Bright blue tights with teal hues are a great way to add an element of fun to your outfit, and work great in the spring and summer months. For a really eye catching look, pair with a bright yellow or bubble gum pink dress, or for something more muted (but still gorgeous) go for a lilac or pastel pink outfit to feel pretty all day long.


Some people find red a tricky colour to style, but red tights are a wardrobe essential for when you want to feel a little more bold. For a classic red, try Snag Shepards Delight, or for something deeper with more nuance, try Blood red. Wear with neutral coloured clothing like a beige dress or a black skirt, or bring the bold and pair with your favourite animal print for a look that's out of this world.


Purple tights are absolutely underrated and are a great way to pep up any wardrobe. They go with so many colours and are perfect all year round, making them a great evergreen addition to any wardrobe. Match a bright purple like grape escape with a neon green dress for something bold and eye catching, Or wear the darker suffragette purple tights with a denim skirt and pink top for an outfit ideal for every day.


Orange tights are a casually chic addition to any wardrobe, and look particularly amazing in autumn with chunky boots and cosy jumpers. Wear with a denim pinafore to meet a friend for coffee, or with a black dress to see you through an evening party.

How do you make coloured tights look professional?

Just because tights are colourful doesn't mean you can't wear them in a professional setting or in the workplace. Simple swap your black or neutral tights for something more colourful and you'll feel great as you walk to the office. Balance a bright colour with something less busy on top -beige skirts and dresses, grey or navy always go with everything and black is an obvious co-ord for most colours. Throw a tailored blazer over any outfit and you have the perfect professional look (bonus points if the blazer matches the tights!)

How do you dress up a pair of tights

Dressing up a pair of colourful tights all comes down to the accessories. A chunky pair of earrings or coordinating bag can really add the finishing touch to an outfit. And don't forget the shoes! Though trainers definitely can give a cute and casual vibe, heels or boots can really elevate a look with tights and get you ready to hit the town.


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