Using your photos of our products - Terms and Conditions

If you’ve been sent here, the chances are you’ve posted a really nice photo and we’ve asked to use it. Please read these Ts and Cs carefully before replying to let us know that you approve them.

  1. Your photo COULD be used in any or all of these three places:

    • on our social media
    • in ads on social media or third party websites and very occasionally on mainstream media (TV, magazines, newspapers)
    • on our websites
  1. If we use your photo on Facebook and Instagram posts we will always give you photo credit

  2. We are not able to credit photos in ads or on the website unfortunately

  3. You confirm that you own the photo (ie. it wasn’t taken by a photographer)

  4. You confirm that you have the permission of everyone in the photo

  5. If a photographer took the photo, please provide us with their details and we will speak to them about licensing the shot

  6. We can’t guarantee that we will use your photo

  7. If you ever change your mind about letting us use your photo, email us at

If you’re happy with the above, if possible, we’ll ask you to send the original photo to us. If you have kindly allowed us to use your photo, thank you. We’re proud to represent people as they really are rather than using models but we couldn’t do it without lovely people like you.