Your Next Epic Adventure

Cosplay, LARP, Renfaire, Comic Con, Disney Bounding...we've got you covered!

Snag x Fantasy

Cosplay, LARP, Renfaire, Comic Con, Disney Bounding...Snag tights has got you covered! Open your imagination and embark on your next epic adventure with Snag's size inclusive tights, all in sizes 32-64. Let every stitch and pattern transport you to realms of fantasy.

The Best Cosplay Tights

Perfect for cosplayers, LARP enthusiasts, and Renaissance fair goers, Snag tights are designed to complement any fantastical outfit, whether you’re a daring knight, a cunning sorceress, or a whimsical woodland creature. They are also perfect for adding to costume as sleeves. Choose from an array of enchanting designs that blend seamlessly with elaborate costumes and armour. Snag tights are super durable and super comfortable so you can stay in character all day.