About Me - Stockings

Why did we make this? Stockings are so often 'one size fits all' and that just doesn't work. So many Snagglers were telling us they couldn't find stockings to actually fit, well here is the solution. Easy to put on, super robust, with 12 inches of multi-dimensional stretch, aerated yarn so they are super soft and comfy, as well as breathable and moisture wicking, oh and they really do fit!

Why is this special? These are sheer stockings with a thick thigh band that doesn't dig in, are quick drying, blend to your skin tone, ladder resistant and have a reinforced toe to make sure they last. These are stockings that last, not one wear and throw away, these will last through all seasons thanks to perfected knitting techniques and microfibre for stretch and elasticity. Breathable, moisture wicking and high rise.

How did we design this? Tights are usually designed on a UK size 8 model and made longer or shorter depending on the size. These stockings designed on a UK size 24 model and then fit tested on models of every size to ensure the perfect fit. We don't change suppliers and over years have built a relationship that ensures consistent, long lasting, recyclable tights that are more ethical and better for your wardrobe.