The Perfect Winter Tights Style Guide

The Perfect Winter Tights Style Guide

Winter's here and it's time to get cosy! Up your legwear game with this definitive guide to wearing tights in cold weather. We'll explore winter tight trends, perfect deniers, and the best styles to stay chic and comfy all season long.

Ready to brave the elements in style? Let's get layered up!

What Tights Should I Wear in Winter?

For frigid temps, focus on warmer, opaque tights in thicker deniers like 80 denier and 120 denier. Our most popular during winter are 80 denier tights. There are so many colours and patterns, perfect for providing great coverage and insulation under dresses, skirts, or even trousers.

If you want to keep toasty, avoid sheer tights, unless you want to layer them which can be an awesome way to create new styles and keep warm. The best winter tights contain a high percentage of durable fibres like nylon or elastane to withstand chilly weather. For ultimate warmth, look for a natural fibre like merino wool, designed to retain body heat even on the most blustery days.

If braving sub-zero cold, layer opaque tights under leggings or trousers for additional coverage. For milder winter weather, semi-opaque 50 denier tights add a touch of coverage and warmth while still allowing your natural skin to shine through.

Are Tights In Fashion for Winter?

Tights are in fashion whenever you want them to be. That's the great thing about clothes, if you are comfortable, they are in fashion. But if we are talking 'fashion', many designers featured tights on the runway for their autumn/winter collections, there is no need to sacrifice style for warmth. The right tights can make any outfit office-appropriate or street-style ready.

For a retro look, pair textured patterned tights with a mini skirt, over-the-knee boots and an oversized sweater. Or channel 60s mod vibes with vibrantly coloured opaque tights, like green or blue. Graphic polka dot or stripe prints keep the look contemporary.

Go for an edgy winter grunge aesthetic with opaque black tights, layered under a mini dress and leather moto jacket. Or rock the college vibe with tights under a corduroy skirt and oversized cardigan.

What Denier Tights to Wear in Winter?

Denier refers to the density of fibers in tights, similar to thread count in sheets. The higher the denier, the more opaque the tights for full coverage and insulation:

  • 30 denier tights: Sheer with minimal coverage, perfect for layering or transitional weather.
  • 50 denier tights: Semi-opaque with light warmth, ideal for fall and milder winter days.
  • 80 denier tights: Opaque tights providing full coverage with substantial warming power. Go-to denier weight for frigid winter.
  • 120 denier tights: Thick, super opaque tights guaranteed to lock in heat. Excellent for extreme cold and outdoor winter activities.

Normally a higher denier tight means compromising on some comfort, but not to brag, Snag super opaque tights are just as soft, stretchy and breathable as all the others, so they are amazing for winter. Find your perfect balance between desired opacity, warmth, and all-day wearability based on your climate and personal preference.

Mix and match sheers and opaques for custom layering. Pair 30 denier tights under a patterned 80 denier tights for both sheer and full opaque coverage in one chic winter look.

Top 3 Snag Tights for Winter

Ready to get your winter tights wardrobe fully stocked? Here are Snag's top three styles for cold weather wear:

  1. Black Merino Wool Tights - Super soft, stretchy, durable and cruelty free. Multi-use tights, great for snuggly days inside or winter walks. So breathable, no overheating here.
  2. Slate 80 Denier Tights - Great alternative to black, perfect coverage and warmth, while remaining cool inside. No rolling down, ladder resistant and moisture wicking.
  3. Black Bamboo Tights - The perfect alternative to wool. The super soft and stretchy bamboo and elastane blend is super robust, while remaining breathable and moisture wicking. Snag Bamboo tights are anti static, anti itch, anti bacterial, insulating and super warm and snuggly.

With the right pair of insulating, stylish tights, you can take on winter in total comfort and confidence. Stay toasty while looking fabulous all season long in Snag's ultra-wearable tights designed to keep up with your winter adventures!


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