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Spring Style: How to create a dreamy spring wardrobe

Spring has finally sprung and its time to refresh that wardrobe! With the sun shining and warmer days on the horizon, now is the perfect time to style the season and give yourself a new look.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our best tips and tricks to help you on your way!

Step one: Assess your current wardrobe

Spring cleaning isn't just for your house, but applies to your wardrobe too! Take a good look at what you already have and see where you can fill in the gaps. Already have 4 pink dresses? Then you can skip buying another. You may find clothes you don't remember you had, and knowing what you have to work with may mean you avoid buying anything new altogether!

Make sure you pack up all your jumpers and other warm winter clothes away into storage. Keep some of your favourites out to layer in this unpredictable spring weather, but aim for light sweaters and cardigans.

You should also take the time to purge a few things to free up some space. Haven't work that skirt for a few years because you don't like how it fits? Or maybe that top your mum gave you for your birthday you've been hanging onto but can't stand? There's no point clogging up precious wardrobe space with things you aren't ever going to wear, so be realistic with your clothes and start a "get rid" pile. Ask yourself "how many times have I worn this", and if the answer is not many, sell online or donate.

Step two: Choose your colours and patterns

Spring is all about light and bright colours to reflect the season. Pastels really have their moment here, like pretty pinks, lovely lilacs and beautiful baby blues. Softer hues can be paired with other colours or worn alone for a gorgeous fresh look. White can be your friend too, providing a clean, versatile base that's in keeping with the brightness and timelessness of the season.

Don't shy away from bold colours either. Not only are they super mood-boosting and happiness inducing, they can be worn in a variety of ways, in a statement piece or incorporated subtle into the outfit. There's nothing like feeling bold and bright to help boost your confidence as you step out in a fresh new look!

Patterns also have a huge moment in spring. You can never have enough, and they can be super versatile. Simply pair a patterned piece with a co-ordinating colour, or even a neutral like black for something chic, Or mix different pattern designs in the same outfit for a bold fun look you’ll want to wear again and again. Florals might not be ground-breaking, but they are a classic! As well as polka dots, stripes and animal prints - figure out what you like and get mixing!

Don't feel you have to completely overhaul your wardrobe with new colours. A few accent pieces like a colourful jacket, patterned tights or bright shoes and accessories can be all you need to feel refreshed and inspired.

Step three: What kind of clothes should you be looking for?

When it comes to spring, we're looking for pieces that can work in a variety of weathers or can be layered up and down. Skirts and dresses you can pair with tights or leggings are perfect - especially as different colour combos with tights mean you can wear the same piece again and again while keeping it fresh!

Different trouser styles are perfect for spring too, jeans are alwasy a staple but consider different options like wide-leg or flowy cotton that will take you into the warm weather too.

Always make sure you have a core set of basics. T-shirts, other tops and bottoms. things you can mix and match with other styles to create something special, but always going back to the same few pieces.

Step four: Invest in versatile pieces

Picking items that can be dressed up and down, layered and worn throughout the year is the best way to make the most out of your wardrobe. Think jackets that can be thrown over any outfit, or bright trousers you can pair with lots of different tops. Versatility is key!

A good rule of thumb is to only buy items that will go with what you've already got. If you can't build at least 3 outfits with what you've got in your wardrobe, don't bother buying it.

Taking risks can be fun in fashion, and its great to explore something outside of your comfort zone, but only do so if you're really going to give it a go! don't buy something that intimidates you so much you'll never wear it, ease yourself into new styles and you'll feel much more confident.

Step five: Have fun!

Style is all about creativity and self-expression. there's no right or wrong, and contrary to what the fashion industry would have you believe there really are no rules! As long as you're happy and comfortable you can wear whatever you want!

Final top tips

  • Its okay to stay in your comfort zone!
  • Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable
  • Start small, don't overwhelm yourself
  • If you're stuck, black is still your best friend and really does go with any colour
  • Enjoy yourself!


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