Maternity tights: What tights should I wear during pregnancy?

Maternity tights: What tights should I wear during pregnancy?

Woohoo! You're pregnant! In 9 short months you'll be welcoming a gorgeous bundle of joy into the world! But with pregnancy comes the minefield of maternity clothes and having to navigate how hard to find, expensive, and down right boring they are.

Don't worry, Snag are here to make sure that your pregnancy wardrobe is just as cool and cute as you no matter what your style, with our tights being beautiful to wear all pregnancy long.

Read on to learn how our tights are a blend of fashion and functionality, as well as giving you our top picks for pregnancy-friendly tights so you can confidently step into each trimester looking good and feeling great!

Is it OK to wear tights when pregnant?

It is absolutely fine to wear tights when you're pregnant. It is totally safe to wear them throughout your pregnancy, though make sure you wear pairs that fit you - no-one wants to be wearing tight or uncomfortable clothes!

Snag tights are particularly handy as they have a cotton gusset for all day freshness, meaning you don't have to worry about a sweaty downstairs leading to thrush. They're also knitted with aerated yarn for breathability and moisture-wicking properties so you can stay warm when its cold but cool when its warm - no overheating here!

Are maternity tights worth it?

Maternity specific tights are usually made in a different way to regular tights, and often feature extra support around your growing bump. However, maternity tights can be difficult to find in larger sizes, and fall victim to the usual issues of "traditional" tights. They can also cost a lot of money, and with pregnancy and babies already being a expensive time for new parents an extra expense is the last thing you need. It's okay though - you can wear your Snag tights all throughout pregnancy!

With 12 inches of multidimensional stretch they can last you for the whole 9 months and beyond - though if you're a size A/B to E you may need to size up to be sure they'll stay comfortable. They're super soft and comfy with plenty of stretch to accommodate your growing bump - plus they come up nice and high with a thick, stay put waistband so they aren't going to roll, sag or fall down. Snag tights come in so many different colours, patterns and styles your days of boring maternity wear are behind you!

When should I buy maternity tights?

Usually you'd start buying maternity clothes a few weeks into your second trimester - around 13 weeks onwards. But with most maternity ranges offering a pair of jeans, some leggings and an oversized jumper (and that's your lot) - you may want to broaden your horizons so your pregnancy wardrobe doesn't get too dull. Just because your body is changing doesn't mean your style has to as well!

Before you buy anything new, go through your wardrobe and look for clothes that you're able to wear to avoid buying too many maternity clothes. Anything that's loose or not as fitted can work for longer during your pregnancy. Oversized t-shirts, A-line or skater dresses and maxi skirts are all great options that you probably already have. Clothes that are easily adjustable are also a winner, like our soft and comfy Snagarees.

The important thing is that you dress for you. Everyone is different, with bodies and bumps coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It's important to stay comfortable during your pregnancy - you're literally growing a human inside you I think you deserve to feel good in what you're wearing. Dress your bump in your way!

Why are maternity tights so expensive?

There is often a premium on maternity clothes that can make them so expensive for the average person! Tights designed specifically for pregnancy often have additional features like compression and support panels making their manufacturing process more involved. But having a baby can cost a lot of money anyway with all the things you need for a new born, that the last thing you need is to be paying a fortune for clothes during your pregnancy as well.

Tights from Snag are not only affordable, with us keeping our margins as low as possible, but they're also incredibly durable so you can wear them again and again. Wearing a pair once then throwing away is a thing of the past! Plus you can even wear them beyond pregnancy to jazz up your new-parent wardrobe.

How can I style tights for pregnancy?

Tights can really open up your wardrobe when you're pregnant so you're not just wearing the same pair of maternity jeans over and over again. Pick your favourite colour of 80 deniers to wear under your favourite dress - or go for black for a classic basic you can't go wrong with. For a pop of colour, why not try Suffragette Purple or Raspberry Pie with a stretchy denim skirt and boots? For a pregnancy hack, why not wear our mock garters in lieu of tights with your knickers over the top, making those trips to the loo every five minutes hassle free. If you're prone to overheating, our Stay Cool Chub Rubs are the perfect choice for under skirts and dresses - or just wear on their own as pyjamas or loungewear to really up your comfort!

Regardless of what you like to wear, staying comfortable and happy with what you're wearing is so important during pregnancy. Your body is going through so many changes, your style shouldn't have to change as well. With Snag tights, you can look good and feel even better all maternity long! If you're pregnant, give our tights a go - you won't be disappointed!


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