The Scary Reality Of Halloween: 7 Eco-friendly Costumes you Probably Already Own

The Scary Reality Of Halloween: 7 Eco-friendly Costumes you Probably Already Own

You'll probably know by now that we LOVE Halloween at Snag. Scary movies, pumpkin patches and all the sweets you can get your hand on - its literally one of the best times of the year!

We also absolutely LOVE a costume party - Snagglers get so creative with their costumes, and really there's nothing more fun that putting an awesome outfit together inspired by your favourite character.

But did you know that Halloween is one of the scariest times of the year, and not because of the ghosts and ghouls! No one wants to be a party pooper, but Halloween generates a lot of waste. A lot. And really isn't the most sustainable of seasons.

Is Halloween environmentally friendly?

7 million Halloween costumes are thrown away every year, and since a lot of costumes are made from plastic that's the equivalent of 83 million plastic bottles headed into landfill. If that doesn't chill you to the bone then nothing will.

Luckily, there is a solution to this, and having a sustainable Halloween is possible! Simply reuse your costumes as much as possible - don't treat them as disposable for one night of wear, be an outfit repeater and the planet will thank you for it.

Or alternatively, try building a costume out of clothes you already own. It's so much easier (and way more fun) plus better for your wallet and the environment.

So if you want to get spooky this Halloween without scaring the planet, here are some super easy costume ideas made from clothes you probably already own!

Get your ghost on

Okay, this one may be a cop out - but really is there any better costume than the classic sheet ghost? Just whip out an old bed sheet (white is optional) and whack on a pair of sunglasses and done! You can even make a statement of those legs peeking out underneath and dress it up with your favourite pair of tights.

Witch, please

Witch is a pretty standard Halloween costume and honestly sooooo easy to put together. Just run to your wardrobe, pick out a black dress or any outfit that has a vague gothic vibe and hocus pocus- you’re done. If you have a hat or a broom already then that’s a bonus, but everyone will get the idea- especially if you whip on some spooky tights and batty accessories

What would Wednesday do?

Wednesday Addams has always been a classic, and after how popular last years Netflix TV series, Wednesday makes for an ideal easy costume you can whip out. A black dress (with a collar if you have one!) plaits and striped tights are all you need to pull this creepy and kooky look together *click click*

A game of cat and mouse

If you've seen Mean Girls, you'll know that being a mouse ("duh") is as easy as whipping on a pair of ears. And it works for pretty much every animal! Cat, dog, rabbit - you name it! If its got ears you are golden. You don't even have to buy ears, just DIY those bad boys with some cardboard and an old headband. Draw on some whiskers if you're feeling extra and voila!

A pirate's life for me

Pirate is another one of those classically easy Halloween costumes, and you can go as crazy or as muted as you like! A white shirt (as billowy as you can) with black trousers, boots and a scarf ties around your middle is all you need to show off your love for the sea. Eye patches, hats, bandanas and parrots are optional!

Scooby dooby do

It is my firm belief that the mystery gang from Scooby Doo are literally the easiest costume to throw together. Each character has its own specific colour scheme that is so iconic, you only have to make minimal effort for people to understand who you are. For Daphne, a purple dress with a green accessory, for Velma everything orange and some glasses, shaggy is a green shirt and brown bottoms, and Fred is a white shirt and blue bottoms with an orange accessory. Simples.

Barbie Girl

The Barbie movie was absolutely a cultural moment, and though everyone will be going as Barbie and Ken this year, who's to say you can't jump on that band wagon? If you want a movie inspired look, go for any pink dress and heels. Or for something a little more fun why not recreate Barbies iconic roller skating outfit with pink chub rub shorts with a body suit over the top (a swimsuit is literally perfect for this!) Add as much neon as you own and you're all set!


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