Snag Book Club: The Best Books to Pair with Your Snags

Snag Book Club: The Best Books to Pair with Your Snags

For all the bookworms out there, welcome to the Snag Book Club!

This is the place where literature and fashion collide - we're choosing some of our epic tights to pair with equally epic books, giving you the best looking reading material you've ever seen.

Books and tights?

You may be wondering - "how do books and tights go together?"

To be perfectly honest with you, they don't really. You can't wear books and you can't read tights (well most of the tie, I'm sure there are some exceptions to both) but there's nothing wrong with having a little fun, and adding to your reading experience with a fun pair of tights is a great way to encourage you to experiment - both with your style and the books you pick up!

So here are some epic tights and books combinations that you can rock while getting your read on. Lets start with some classics, must-read books everyone has heard of (whether you've read them or not) but a great place to start on our bookish tights journey.

Find your favourite book, pull on your tights and find a corner to get cosy and devour your way through the pages.

Literary legs have never looked so good.

The Hobbit - Green Dragon

The Hobbit is a timeless classic adventure story that's impossible not to enjoy. Follow Bilbo Baggins on his epic journey, and channel your inner Smaug with our Green Dragon tights. A fearsome dragon, these tights will surely make you feel just as ferocious as you embark on this amazing story.

Treasure Island - Never Say Die

Here be pirates! This swashbuckling adventure unfolds on the high seas, with Jim Hawkins discovering a treasure in a pirates chest. This book is perfect for when you want your pirate fix (and has been interpreted into some cracking films too - looking at you Muppets Treasure Island). Of course, Never Say Die are the perfect pair, with the classic Skull and Crossbones knitted into a fishnet, you'll be saying "Aye aye Captain" in no time.

The Great Gatsby - Jazz Age

Nothing says Jazz Age quite like The Great Gatsby. Set in the roaring twenties, this novel captures the glitz and glamour of the time with Jay Gatsby, known for his elaborate parties. Or course, along with it comes love, betrayal, disillusionment and a comment on society - but what better way to feel like a flapper than our Jazz Age tights! Find your shortest skirt to and plenty of jewels to read this one.

The Wizard of Oz - Bewitched

Who could forget the iconic striped legs sticking out from under Dorothy's house as she lands in Munchkinland? Or course Snag Bewitched tights are the literal perfect pairing. Swept away by a twister, Dorothy finds herself in the magical land of Oz looking for the Wizards help to return home. With iconic characters and of course, the ruby slippers (which will look great with your tights by the way), this book is a must read for some cosy adventures.

Charlottes Web - SpidySense

Charlottes Web is a lovely children's story all about a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a spider named Charlotte, and how she plans to save him from the dinner table. Maybe our SpidySense tights are a little on the nose here, but what better pairing than a pair of tights that shows off Charlottes incredible webs?!

Dracula - Wonderland

This one may seem a little left field, but here me out. Doesn't the mystical castle on our Wonderland tights look like it could be the haunting fortress of no other than Count Dracula? I think so anyway... So if you want a bit of a fright, the OG book about vampires and things that go bump in the night, then this pairing is for you (plus these gorgeous tights will help ease and frights you may or may not have. Reader beware...)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Enchanted

A whimsical, charming classic about a magical chocolate factory, this novel follows Charlie Bucket as he wins a Golden Ticket to visit with Willy Wonka - and hijinks ensue. What better pairing for this book than Enchanted. Matching with Wonka's iconic purple coat, this pair is also reminiscent of the purple wrapper of a certain British chocolate bar... making it pretty spot on for this book if I do say so myself. Snacking chocolate is a must when reading this book.


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