How do I Measure my Bra Size at Home?

How do I Measure my Bra Size at Home?

Have you ever been utterly confused by how bra sizes work? You're not alone! We can help you measure your perfect size for your very own Snag bra!

Why are bra sizes so confusing?

Measuring for bra is one of the most needlessly confusing tasks you'll ever undertake. No matter how much you measure, your bra never fits quite right, with a bunch of random numbers that don't seem to match up, its mind boggling!

Don't even get me started on cup sizes. Seemingly random letters that are dotted about that apparently correspond to the size of your boobs. Why are there double letters? Why don't the letters mean the same across brands. What happened to the I cup in the UK? Its the wild west out there in bras, and it makes your head spin just thinking about it. 

Thankfully, there is a solution! Snag Bra sizing doesn't work the same way as traditional bras - its way better and in our opinion, much less confusing!

Instead of a ridiculous number of unexplainable cup sizes and band sizes that you have to do a million different mathematical equations just to come up with something vaguely resembling a size, we just have 9 back sizes and two cup sizes. Simples. 

"But how can those sizes fit everyone?" - I hear you cry! Though it may sound crazy to only have 18 sizes total, our bras are made from a ribbed, dense, stretchy fabric that offers a huge amount of support and movement that moves with you, rather than being restrictive. This means we can accommodate a range of cup sizes with the material moulding to your boobs and stretching where it needs to. Our New Product Development team spent 2 years developing these bras, testing them on a range of models from an A to a J cup - so we promise they really do fit with all the comfort and support you could want from a bra - with no underwire in sight!

How do I calculate my Bra Size

The beauty of the Snag bra size chart is that there's no calculating involved! No sums, no mathematical equations. Just two simple measurements you then reference against our chart for your perfect size. 

Did you know 80% of women don't know their correct bra size? The traditional method of calculating a cup size from your under bust and bust measurement can often overestimate your band size and underestimate your cup size. So we've kept things as simple as possible with our sizing!

How to measure for a bra

In order to determine your bra size you need to take two measurements: UNDERBUST and BUST AT FULLEST.

Before you get started, you'll need to find yourself a long tape measure, one designed for dress making or other crafting is perfect, as some of the cheaper ones you can find are really short and aren't much cop if you're bigger - so the longer the better!

You also need to be wearing a bra already, preferably something light, comfortable and fits you well. This is just so your boobs are held in place where you want them, as your "bust at fullest" measurement will be different with a bra on or off. Try and avoid anything with padding, underwires or minimising - if you don't have anything without then try a vest or t shirt instead.

How to take your under bust measurement

Wrap your measuring tape around your body underneath your boobs at the base of the breast tissue. You may need to lift your boobs up and out of the way in order to get the best measurement. Keep the tape measure level all the way around - you may need someone to help you or try standing in front of a mirror so you can check that everything is level. You want the tape to fit snugly against your body, but not digging in or too tight.

How to take your bust at fullest measurement

Wrap your measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your bust - essentially the widest part of your boobs where they stick out the most. Like before, try and keep the tape measure as level as possible, keeping it snug but not too tight so it digs in or squeezes your boobs.

Once you have these measurements, you can consult our size chart to find your perfect fit! 

How do I figure out my bra cup size?

Our regular cups have been designed to accommodate smaller bust to under band ratios. Our fuller cups have been designed to accommodate larger bust to under band ratios. If your breasts feel big for your size, you’ve ever been called busty, you’ve had to buy bras from specialist providers or ranges, shirts pop open on you, then go for the full cup. If you don’t have these problems go for the regular cup.

If you are looking for light support lounge bra with a focus on comfort, size up. If you are looking for greater lift and firm support, size down. 

Still need help?

Try watching this video for a better look at how to measure yourself.

If you're really struggling - we can help you!

Email with a picture in your best fitting bra as well as your measurements and our team will help you find the best fit!



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