Christmas Gift Ideas: Snag Staff Picks

Christmas Gift Ideas: Snag Staff Picks

Has trying to tick off your Christmas gift list gotten you in a spin? If you need some present ideas for your favourite people, why not let our lovely Snag team give you a helping hand!

We asked our staff to get into the Christmas spirit and share what's on their letter to Santa this year, so you can get as much festive inspo as you need this festive season!


I’m Hayley and I work for the Community team here at Snag so get to engage with our gorge Snagglers on IG, FB and TikTok every day!

Choosing my top 3 picks is no easy feat as I want it ALL for Christmas (sorry Mariah - I object to the sentiments in your festive song: there are plenty of things I NEED.) but if I was to narrow it down:

1. Fruity Jumper

It’s oh so BERRY cute and would be the perfect jumper to dress up and down. I love that it’s not seasonal either - strawberries are all year round in my household! For the festive season I’d team it with a sparkly skirt for some extra pizzazz and for the summer, a denim midi skirt! Just perfection.

2. Thigh High Socks in Lobster

Because nothing screams festive more than cosy red socks, but amplify that with cosy red socks that go up to the thigh! Socks that FIT and were made for snuggly days with a warm hot choc and a cosy nook. Dreamy.

3. Jazz Age fishnets

A showstopper of a tight! I love that they’re super robust and a statement in themselves so you can keep your outfit really simple if you want to - they’d be perfect with a LBD or to go all out in full on sequins! Also perfect for layering over a block colour to really add an extra edge! The options! Get them under my tree


I'm Neelam, I work in the community team, which means I get to interact with all our lovely Snagglers and rave about how gorgeous you all look. It's really the perfect job #winning 🥰

Trying to pick my top 3 Snags was hard, I have so many! Working at Snag sometimes means giving yourself extra snaggy treats, and now my wardrobe has been transformed!

But here are my top 3!

1. Black jumpsuit:

My go-to black jumpsuit! There is something about being enveloped in a soft jumpsuit, especially in the winter, which means everything is just a little more cosy! I never used to be a jumpsuit wearer until this! Teamed with fluffy socks, it's a winning combo

2. The Acotar High Lady hoodie!

I was initially attracted to this hoodie based on the sun and moon graphics on the back, as it matched my tattoos 🙈but I'm now excited to start reading the books too!

3. Princess Denim mini dress

The cut and style of this dress is so perfect for me, and I've been able to dress it up and down, as well as get away with pairing it with my 'dark and stormy' tights for that extra POP.


I’m Millie, the graphic designer here at Snag! These are my top 3 Snaggy picks for Christmas this year… 👀

1. Mini Flare Plaid Skirt - Gosh! - Class

This is the most flattering skirt in the world!! I wear this out all the time- in summer with some cute chub rubs or in winter with those beautiful wool tights. It’s the perfect length, SUPER comfy, and- hello- POCKETS! What’s not to love?

2. Lux - Blood Red

Perfect for all your Christmas do needs. You’ll be the life of the party with these gorge sparkles all over your legs, and they’re the perfect Santa colour! So soft, not scratchy at all, and they defo give you the wow factor!

3. ACOTAR Hoodie - High Lady

If you’re like me and your perfect day is one where you get cosy on the sofa with a good book (massive cup/bucket of tea ready on the side, obvs) then this is the hoodie for you! It‘s like sitting in a warm hug, thumb holes on the sleeve for maximum book gremlin vibes, and that BEAAUTIFUL golden print on the back for those ultimate high fantasy feels


My name is Tom and I have been with Snag for nearly 2 years now.
Currently my position situates itself in Marketing, where I mainly am on the lookout for amazing pictures all of you share with our products.

Besides my work, I enjoy volleyball / board games / karaoke and performing in Drag.

My top 3 Christmas products are:
1) Blizzard
2) Glace
3) Blood Red - Lux

Going into the festive season, I need to come up with fabulous Christmas Drag outfits and those are a perfect match for the ideas I have in mind.
Imagine a sexy but comical Olaf for the blizzard, or a Glam version of La Befana (the Christmas Witch) with Glace or Lux?

Happy holidays everyone!


I’m Corina, I work in the NPD team as the Product Development Coordinator, which means I’m following through the product-lifecycle (from design to when they get to the warehouse) for all the new products we come up with at Snag

My top 3 Snag Xmas wish list picks are hard to nail down as I know what’s coming but for what’s already launched:

1. Fruity + Wicca Jumpers

I’m going to combine this as 1 as they’re the same style but two different prints and aesthetics and I love them both so much (not biased at all 👀)

2. Strapped-In Fishnet Skirt

I will probs be buying as a early Xmas gift to myself as I really want this is perfect for this concert I am going to

3.Deck The Halls Tights

I love glitter tights and the fact that these are 4 different colours makes it even better and more playful!


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