An Ode to the Shoe Section

An Ode to the Shoe Section

Everyone is going shopping,

To try on the latest trends,

They’ve asked me to tag along,

Trying to be good friends,

But the truth is that it’s torture,

To follow them round the racks,

Knowing they’ll never stock my size,

Not even out the back,

By the time their baskets are full,

I’ll have not one item to try,

I stopped looking ages ago,

It takes everything not to cry,

But then we reach the second floor,

Men’s, accessories, sale,

Squeezed right into the corner,

Jackpot, the holy grail,

At the shoe section at last,

A place I can peruse,

I’d forgotten what options looked like,

I actually have to choose,

It feels nice to join in browsing,

So I buy a pair I don’t need,

The others have bags and bags full,

But I’m just happy to be leave,

On the way out we pass a shop,

For plus size people like me,

I look at it for a moment,

And see all I need to see,

Animal prints and florals,

Groundbreaking, so unique,

Condemned to a life of slogan tees,

For having a bigger physique,

When I’m home I order too much,

A haul of clothes to try on,

I know I’ll return all of them,

Not keep even a single one,

At least I love my new shoes,

And since they’re all I can find,

Perhaps I’ll just wear those out,

And the world can kiss my bare behind.

By Bethany Imrie


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